Special Events

We love variety and new ways to celebrate learning

PrEP (Primary Enterprise Programme)

Students design and operate their own functioning society within the school timetable. This student centred programme puts children in the driving seat to learn economics in a contextual learning environment.

2 weeks annually (usually Term 3)

School Gala / Food Fair

The Grey Main School Family get together to celebrate aspects of our school culture and raise funds for our school.

Term 1

Arts Soiree

To celebrate visual arts and performing arts in a social situation concluding with an art auction to raise funds for the school.

Every second year (Even years)

Book Week

To celebrate reading in our school this much anticipated event concludes with a Book Character Dress up Day.

Term 2

Wearable Arts

This unit of work is undertaken by our Senior students who plan and design, develop and make costumes to present to our school family based on a theme.

Every second year