Enrolment Process

Coming to our school?

Children are entitled to start school the day they have their fifth birthday.  They can start later than this at the parent’s discretion but must have started by their sixth birthday.  Regulations forbid a child commencing school before their fifth birthday.

If it is convenient, it is advisable to enroll your child a short while before he / she is due to start school so that he / she can come along the day he / she is five and join in the classroom activities with the other children when they begin at 9.00 a.m.

Please provide a copy (or original for us to copy) as proof of age of the following:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Immunisation Certificate

When you enroll your child you will be asked to fill in forms which supply various types of information as follows:

  1. Completed white/green enrolment form (Please ensure Iwi affiliation is completed if NZ Maori)
  2. Sign Enrolment Agreement form
  3. Signed Health form (for Public Health Nurse checks)

Grey Main School has a behaviour code.  A copy is attached to the enrolment form.  You are asked to discuss this with your child, sign the form and return to the classroom teacher.