Rata 1

Teacher's name: 
Terrye Drake

Welcome to Rata 1...

Welcome to Rata 1 a new entrant class.
These students have only just started school and are all enjoying the luxury 
of a small class. 
Rata 1 is a busy place where the students are enjoying their new learning 
They are exploring how to use the interactive board and I pads to practise 
their skills in literacy and numeracy. They are looking forward to visiting 
the garden to harvest food to eat and they have already discovered the hall 
is a great place to do physical activities, music and drama. 
Everyone looks forward to Fun Day Friday, where learning is explored and 
managed by the students, through creative activities to support their weeks 
learning in literacy and numeracy.
Please take the time to view Rata 1’s blog and notice all the great learning 
that takes place in and out of the classroom. Any comments left on the blog 
are welcomed and really make the children smile and feel important.

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