Board of Trustees

Governance of Grey Main School


Grey Main School is governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected very three years.  Board of Trustees meetings are held in the meeting room normally on the fourth Thursday of each month (see Newsletter).

Role: Responsible for the governance of the School i.e. to review policies and related procedures; budgets and monitor School funds, overseeing the maintenance of all School buildings and plant.  Members of the Board represent parents in their endeavour to ensure the needs of our students are met.

You can contact our Chairperson Mark Bolland (phone 7680397).

Board of Trustees – Portfolios

            Mandy O'Sullivan - Principal

            Mark Bolland - Chairperson

            Julie Ensor - Finance

            Mark Costello - Property

            Linda Calder - Employer responsibility / Deputy Chairperson

            Tony Manuel - Maori Representative

            Sharon Trembath - Minute secretary